When your appliance is not doing what it is suppose to, give us a call and schedule an appointment for one of our Factory Trained Technicians to repair it for you. We service all major brands of home appliances and our Technicians carry a wide range of parts in their vehicles to help get the job done more timely for you.

We offer "in-shop" repair also, you can drop it off at our store during normal business hours or purchase the part you need to repair it yourself from our parts department (if a part is not in stock, we get most within 1-2 days). We always have options for you and your appliance, in some instances you can even rent a "loaner" if your repair is going to take longer than normal.  

We offer services for property management, landlords, home warranty companies and manufacturer warranty for almost every major brand. We work hard with companies to help get your appliance repaired and timely.

Our in-home service charge (diagnosis) for most appliances starts at $35 for local Lancaster/Palmdale up to $59 depending on your location. Our in-home service charge (diagnosis) for refrigerators starts at $59-99 depending on model and your location.  Our service charge (diagnosis) for our in-shop Technician is only $20. Have more than one you need to have diagnosed?  No problem, each additional appliance after your first is discounted.

Kitchen Appliances

No one wants to have something in the kitchen fail and it usually happens when you need it most. Here are the appliances we service and helpful hints about common problems you may be experiencing. Make sure to have your model # in hand when you call so we can give you better ideas on repair and parts.

REFRIGERATORS and freezers

Refrigerator or freezer not cooling? Make sure to keep your temperatures set to normal settings so you don't cause the fridge to work harder and possibly cause more damage. If you have leaks anywhere make sure to turn the water off to the fridge right away, even if it seems small. No matter the problem, we can help!

ranges, cooktops and wall ovens

Whether it’s antique or new, we can help get you cooking again. Common problems are ovens not heating, not heating correctly and burners not working. No problem!

Dishwashers and Garbage disposals

Dishwasher not draining? Check to see that the plug is removed from the garbage disposal if you just installed one, check for build up and clogs in your air-gap and check all your hoses for kinks and leaks. Still won't drain? We can help. 

MicrowaveS and Rangehoods

Make sure to check your circuit breaker if you have no power at all, they are known for blowing fuses and breakers. We service all major brands of microwaves, microhoods and rangehoods. 

Trash CompactorS

Check your circuit breaker if you have no power to the compactor and if you still have a problem, we are here for you.

Laundry Appliances

Laundry mats are not much fun and can be quite costly. Before you give up on your washer or dryer or junk them assuming the worst, give us a call and let us get you out of the dreaded laundry mat and back to laundry at home.



Front load washer not draining? Someone might have been leaving their pockets full of laundry loot and its clogged your pump. To help prevent this, you can look in your user manual for full instructions and find where your pump filter is and regularly clear that out. Some washers are not very quite and are known to make noise, especially if you have yours in a closet or laundry room, noises will be enhanced when its on the spin cycle, but if yours sounds like a jet engine taking off or it looks like its dancing in the halls, you might have some bigger problems. We stock a lot of the major brands washer parts, making a faster repair for you.



The most common problem with dryers is not heating and a good amount of the time its because your venting is clogged. To help save you a few dollars, if your clothes are taking what feels like eternity to dry, check all your venting in your dryer, behind the dryer and in your wall. This is usually an inexpensive repair that most can do on their own. We can help trouble shoot with you over the phone if you are a handy DIYer and can replace some common parts by yourself.  Don't want to hassle doing that on your own?  You can schedule an appointment for a regular maintenance check, we will delint your dryer and check for any other issues that may need attention.